Putting Our Values
above Our team.

We aspire to be recognized as a key Canadian player in strategic consulting for the design and execution of growth operations in major African economies. We also aim to become a leading player in our chosen sectors on the African market.

Our Code of Professional Ethics is based on our core values of availability, trust and professionalism. Customers are at the heart of our corporate strategy, and being available to address their concerns is at the heart of our entrepreneurial approach. Availability opens the door to opportunities. The company would like to seize these opportunities, because we See Big and Dare.

All human endeavors and entrepreneurial initiatives are built on trust. The company advocates the co-construction of mutual trust with business partners and customers to meet their expectations and strengthen win-win business cooperation.

Professionalism shapes our culture and defines our character. We live our professionalism through individual behaviors that guide the way we act and make decisions. This way of acting and making decisions is based on the competence, know-how, rigor and moral and ethical probity of our team. It is the foundation of VGO PRIME's privileged relationship with its customers and business partners.