Our team specializes in exporting mining equipment, electrical equipment, drones, hardware products hardware products, industrial parts, car parts, used cars, car tires, lawn mowing equipment used cars, car tires, lawn mowing equipment, computer hardware, construction equipment office furniture and equipment, etc. The team is involved in importing agricultural products of African origin, such as cashew nuts, rice, coffee, cocoa, cashew nuts, cashew kernels, etc.

Our team of experts

Véronique G. Ouahou

CEO & Founder

Bachelor of Commerce
Certificate in Financial Planning

Moustapha Soumahoro

General Manager

PhD in Geography
Certificat en pratique des administrations des affaires
Specialist in development and underdevelopment in Africa

Guiah A. Abraham Soumahoro


Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering

Meron Yeshoa


Master's degree in business administration Bachelor's degree in business administration, specializing in finance Bachelor's degree in economics College certificate in small business management

Traoré Fatoumata


PhD in Geography Specialist in Environment and Sustainable Development Specialist in Development Geography and Geopolitics                                                                                                  

Gouled Hassan


Bachelor's degree in finance and economics

Specialization in business administration and finance

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