Exporting, importing and building partnerships are decisive levers of growth for companies which, by diversifying their markets and partners, are led to be more competitive and more innovative. This makes them more resilient to economic shocks. But whether you're just starting out or not, going international in search of niche opportunities can't be improvised!

Research & Development

New markets

Performance and growth in French-speaking Africa
A niche of opportunity


Africa has a wide variety of agro-ecological zones. While this diversity is an enormous asset, it also represents a major challenge for Africa's agricultural development.

Mining, oil & energy

One of the biggest problems facing mining companies investing in sub-Saharan Africa is access to electricity. 


To achieve high-quality skills, training requires appropriate equipment and tools, a sufficient quantity of teaching materials, and practice.

Transport and telecommunications

The territorial dynamics of attractiveness resulting from the quality of investment in transport infrastructure are linked to strategies focused on building regional capacities. 

Real Estate & Hospitality

The shortage of hotel accommodation on the continent also offers one of the world's best real estate investment opportunities. 

Computers and new technologies

Development in Africa can be achieved through Information Systems in the broadest sense of the term, covering computer technologies, data exchange systems, data and uses.

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