Market research

In French-speaking Africa, contracts awarded by public organizations represent billions of CFA francs every year. Whether ministries, public agencies, state-owned companies or even municipalities, they purchase goods and services from companies to meet their needs and fulfill their mission to the population. African companies applying for these markets can join forces with North American business partners. VGO PRIME connects local companies seeking partnerships with North American businesses.

Corporate culture training

Corporate culture is at the heart of a company's success or failure. Understanding the cultural and social environment as well as the "Mindset" of entrepreneurs and the African business environment is in itself a guarantee of success.

VGO Prime trains North American companies in "African management" to equip them for the African market. Western management methods in Africa do not necessarily improve the performance of African companies.

The persistence of a tension between African culture and Western management methods, often acknowledged or not, contributes to the failure of certain Western companies. African management proposes management methods adapted to the specificities of African culture, and constitutes a lever on which North American companies can leverage to break into the fast-growing French-speaking African market.

Partnership development

Being an incubator

Partnership is central to the economic strategies of companies and community organizations in French-speaking Africa. The creation of a platform for partnership opportunities between North American companies and those in French-speaking Africa helps foster a business-friendly environment. VGO PRIME is positioned as an incubator.

Diversifying partnerships

Partners can be drawn from different sectors (public sector, private sector and civil society). They include government, communities, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), community-based organizations (CBOs), local businesses, community groups and companies.

Partnerships help to strengthen corporate resources and capabilities. These capabilities are present in all social, political, economic and environmental relationships. Partners, players and stakeholders can negotiate, plan and manage any project they have in common, with the aim of achieving success that benefits their businesses. 

Strategy development

Dare to succeed

A solid strategic plan provides the backbone for clearly defining your company's desired direction. It allows you to define the right path for your company. VGO PRIME can help you create a strategic plan that builds on the vision you have for your company, capitalizes on the strengths and skills of your team, and gives you the tools you need to achieve your goals.

We're here to help you

Putting in place a solid strategy

Analyze business and competitive environments, and implement a business model that takes your needs into account.

Create a relevant action plan

Identify and prioritize the strategies and solutions needed to realize your vision.

Business opportunities

Performance and growth prospects in French-speaking Africa present a number of business opportunities. The diversification of business relationships for North American companies may well involve the emerging markets of French-speaking Africa.

VGO PRIME offers its expertise in identifying potential opportunities for North American companies, taking into account high-potential countries and those with economic development potential.